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Captain's Meeting Minutes 

There were the (3) officers present, along with (8) teams represented.

Topics of discussion:

The money breakdown with the new weekly payout we'll start this year. A weekly payout was voted in at the year end meeting for 2017.

How we will handle extra players on a league night, if a team has more than (6) playing.


The purse for the weekly payout will be $218 each Thursday.

To cover this, our weekly fee will increase from $3 to $5. This is no longer optional. Everybody playing will be included.

All league members, along with any subs, are encouraged to play each week for the payout, even if you're not playing a match for points.

The payouts will be as follows:

(2) $20 drawings

1st Low Net - $20

2nd Low Net - $10

(3) Hole Events - $20 Pro Shop GC per event

Net Skins - $44

Gross Skins - $44


The rule that will govern which players scores that will be used for matches, in the instance a team has more than (6) players on a league night, is as follows:

The captains will be asked to designate which players will be playing a match. This will be indicated at checkin. In the instance a team's players aren't sure who will be playing a match, the 1st (6) players on the checkin sheet will be selected, provided they are not a sub.



Paid league fees:

Sponsor Fee - $50  Each Regular Player - $35

(paid in full)

Voty Insurance - $330

Jones Chevrolet - $190

Allegheny Security LLC

Sheffield Timber Service

United Refining

Cameron Energy

Northwest Savings

Crossett - $230

Paramount Roofing

Superior Tire - $230

Fitch's Disposal - $230

Conklin Restorations - $110

Struthers - $145



Jones Chevrolet
















Jones Chevrolet