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Please see attached admendments to the bylaws. Changes for 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
1. Administrative Organization
A. President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer/Statistician
B. Executive Committee of three (3) members.
C. The officers of the league shall be elected by popular ballot of the membership for the term of one year. All officers may succeed
themselves. This election will be held at the annual end of season dinner and meeting.
2. Duties of the Officers
A. President: It shall be the duty of the president to preside as general supervisor at all league meetings. He shall approve of all league
expenditures and checks drawn from the league accounts. He shall appoint three members from the league to serve
on the Executive Committee.
B. Vice-President: It shall be the duty of the vice-president to assume all duties of the president in his absence. He shall carry out
all assignments delegated to him by the president. He shall chair the Tournament Committee.
C. Secretary/Treasurer/Statistician: It shall be his duty to keep minutes of all meetings and handle all league correspondence. He shall
receive all league funds and place them in an account approved by the membership. Payments from the account shall
require the signature of the president and treasurer.
At the end of the season he shall prepare a financial statement to be approved by the membership at the annual
dinner meeting. He shall keep current records of each team and it's individual members. He shall assist the Tournament
Committee and the team captains by making his records available to the at all times. He shall receive a salary
equivalent to a family membership of the course on which the league play is played. This is to be done only if
the statistician's work is satisfactory for the season's play.
D. Rules and Executive Committee: The committee shall consist of three league officers, plus three other league members who are
appointed by the president. The president shall chair the committee. It will handle all business of the league such as
expelling any team or members whose behavior is detrimental to the good of the league. All decisions of the Executive
Committee will be final. None of the members of the committee may be on the same team as any league officer or each other.
E. Any team that forfeits more than ten individual matches in a season will be informed by the Rules and Executive Committee that the
team will not be eligible for the following season. If forfeits exceed fifteen, the teams matches will be considered byes and
scores of previous matches will be adjusted to reflect byes also.
3. League Format
A. Play will be by match of cards. Low handicap player of a team will play vs. the low handicap player of the opposing scheduled team.
Likewise, for the highest handicap player on each team. All other players will match up in order of low to high handicap.
If a team has players with the same handicap, comparing the average with the low average being considered as the low
handicapper will set order.
B. Play does not have to be head to head. Match of cards is the rule.
C. The captain of each team is responsible to see that score sheets are properly completed.
D. Foursomes and threesomes can include a maximum of two players from any one team. Twosomes, if played, must be from different teams.
This rule can be amended for the last group of the night only. PENALTY: All in the group will forfeit their points.
E. Play against scheduled teams if possible.
4. Rules of Play
A. Once a foursome is formed and present, a ball shall be placed in the ball rack to determine the order of play. Play ready golf. Be prepared
to hit as soon as it is your turn and move as quickly as possible. Let faster foursomes play through.
B. USGA rules for match play shall be followed. Amendments shall include mandatory putting out. (NO GIMMIES) Local course rules
apply in all cases. Winter rules, you may improve your lie in your own fairway.
C. The league will institute scoring methods to figure averages according to USGA rules modified for 9 hole play for finding handicaps. USGA
rules for stroke control applies.
D. A ten point system shall be used for 9 hole competition. Match play will score one point on each hole for a total of nine points. The
tenth point will be decided by medal play. Note: Tie net scores result in 1/2 points being awarded to each player.
The difference between the handicap of the two players in a match is compared as follows:
Use 100% of handicap difference for medal play.
Use 80% of handicap difference for match play.
(For computing round 1/2+ up: round 1/2- down)
E. New players without handicaps shall hand in to the statistician two attested scores for nine holes from any course in order to
establish a league handicap. players failing to do so a handicap shall be calculated by taking 60% of the difference
of the score made and par. (Maximum 18)
F. Players who are 65 and older, with an Industrial League handicap of 15 or greater, may play the Senior (Gold) tees.
5. Scorecards and Score Sheets
A. All scores must be entered on the team score sheet after each match. The score sheet must be checked by a member of each team.
PENALTY: Non entered scores forfeit that individual's points (10) for that day's match.
6. Scheduled Matches
A. A league schedule will be approved by team captains before the start of the season.
B. All matches must be played on or before the scheduled date. Sign in arrangements will be made at the Pro Shop. A player must be at his
appointed tee by 6:00 PM in order not to forfeit his match.
C. Weather delayed matches must be made up on or before the scheduled rain date. Matches not made up are considered no matches
and no points will be awarded. The executive committee must approve delayed matches.
D. The course management or the league president may call delays or cancellations. Delayed matches may be started by shotgun
start with executive and course management approval. Any previous play during that night will be voided.
E. In the case of unusually hard rain or darkness prohibiting further play, a foursome may mark or pick up and postpone play. The
foursome must all agree to this action. No one can continue play alone. The executive committee must be informed
and they will then inform the statistician. Completion of play must be done before the next regularly scheduled match.
F. In the event that there are not enough rain dates to cover the number of remaining matches, matches may be canceled
with the agreement of the majority of the committee.
G. If scheduled matches are canceled by the league committee or because the management closes the course, they will not be made up.
7. Non Scheduled Matches
A. Matches that are to be played prior to the scheduled date, notification shall be made by the players to their respective team captains.
Any player not showing up for such a match after a half hour grace period, shall be charged with a forfeit.
B. Each team captain is responsible for posting the results of these early matches on the team score sheet on the regularly
scheduled league night.
8. Forfeits
A. In order to receive forfeit points, a player must play the correct nine holes.
B. Seven (7) points shall be awarded for a forfeit.
9. Substitute Players
A. Subs are not required to pay league dues. They are not eligible for tournaments unless they have substituted for a paid league member
at least two regular league matches.
B. Subs may be added to the roster at any time by notifying the statistician and presenting information to establish a handicap.
C. Substitutes may be on a given team's roster or may be on a substitute pool roster that may be called to substitute for any team.
10. End of Season Play
A. If the league has an even number of teams, the season will be divided into two halves. Points scored in matches scheduled for
each half will determine the winning team for that half. The winning team of each half will play a nine hole play off
match to determine a championship team. The loser of the play off will become the second place team. Total team
points determine the remaining positions for the season. If the league has an uneven number of teams, the total
number of points will determine the winning team for the season. The second greatest number of points
will determine second place.
B. Scoring for the nine hole play off match shall be as stated in Rules 4C and 8. Comparing net total team scores will break a tie.
C. The play off date shall be the first Thursday after league play has been completed. Early individual play off matches may be played
by mutual agreement of the participant in accordance with Rule 6. Any matches played prior to the designated
play off date, must be counted. each team in the play off must field at least six players or suffer individual forfeits.
By mutual agreement, each team may field 7 or 8 players: however, the two teams must be equal in number.
D. The winner of the Tom Ewing Trophy will be determined by the team posting the lowest five net scores at the end of the season
tournament. The trophy is awarded for a one year term.
11. Fees
A. All team assessments sponsor fees, individual fees will be suggested by the officers and approved by the captains at a pre season meeting.
B. All team assessments sponsor fees, individual fees, must be paid before the beginning play of the third week of the season. Any
team not paid in full by that time will forfeit any points won for the period of time they are in arrears.
12. Amendments
A. Amendments or changes to these bylaws may be made at a meeting of the team captains by a 2/3 majority vote of the captains
present. There must be 2/3 of the teams represented in order for the vote to be valid.
The following amendments to the bylaws were made by the majority at the 4/05/07 captain's meeting.
Amendment to Section 4 Paragraph D
The league will now use 100% handicaps for both the match and medal points.
Amendment to Section 6 Paragraph D
The course management or any two league officers may call delays or cancellations.
The following amendments to the bylaws were made by the majority at the 4/10/08 captain's meeting.
Admendment to Section 10 Paragraph D
The Joe Malley Trophy will now be known as the Thomas Ewing Trophy.
Admendment to Section 4 Paragraph E
There will no longer be a maximum hcp for league play.
Admendment to Section 8 Paragraph B

In the case that a player's opponent forfeits, said player will now play the course. Said player will be guaranteed 4 points, but will need to beat the course for any additional points.

Admendment to Section 6 Paragraph G
Rain outs will now be made up, as long as we have open weeks available.
The following amendments to the bylaws were made by the majority at the 4//09 captain's meeting.
Admendment to Section 8 Paragraph B
In the case that a player's opponent forfeits, said player will now play the field for his points. 
Admendment to Section 9 Paragraph A
A sub will now need to play at least six times during the year to be eligible for the tournament purse. If a player plays twice, but fewer than six times, he will still be eligible to play in the tournament, but will only be included in the hole prizes and the gross skins game if he desires. Also, any sub that plays at least twice during the year, can be used by any team needing a player to fill their team competing for the Tom Ewing Trophy.
The following amendments to the bylaws were made by the majority at the 4//10 captain's meeting.
Admendment to Section 8 Paragraph B
In the case that a player's opponent forfeits, said player will now play the field for his points. Also, when a team has no opponent for the week because of an uneven number of league teams, that team will now play the field for their points.
Admendment to Section 4 Paragraph F
Any player, 65 or older, regardless of hcp, may now play from the gold tees, with the following provisions:
They must start playing the gold tees beginning with the first match. If any senior elects to play the white tees starting with the first match, he can not switch to the gold tees later in the season. Also, if any player turns 65 during the season, he will be permitted to switch to the gold tees at that time.
The following amendments to the bylaws were made by the majority at the 4//11 captain's meeting.
Admendment to Section 10
We will now run the point totals straight through the season, and the league winners will be determined by total number of points.
The following amendments to the bylaws were made by the majority at the 4//12 captain's meeting.
Admendment to Section 3 Paragraph D
Team members may now play together as a twosome, threesome, or a foursome without penalty.
2017 Officers:
President - Mike Campbell
Vice President - Dan Gray
Sec/Treas/Stat - Sam Marek
Executive and Rules Committee -
Jim McMillen
Lou Rich