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Players, please fill out your score sheet in the clubhouse after play, and place your scorecard in our league box. Thanks

Any team with more than 6 players playing on a league night, must declare, "at sign in," which players are not playing a match that night.

This prevents a team which may have 7-8 or more players playing a league night, from picking the best scores for the matches.

Our rules state that a team can only have a max of 6 players playing a match.

Even when a player isn't playing a match for the night, and has paid their $5, turn in your scorecard to our league box in the clubhouse, as you are still included in the events, and the purse for the night.




Paid league fees:

Sponsor Fee - $50  Each Regular Player - $35

 Magnificent Seven - $295

Voty Insurance - $365

VFW-AMVET - $175

Superior Tire - $225

Kwik Fill - $260

Conklin Restorations - $140

Sheffield Timber Service - $70

Fitch Disposal - $260




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